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 2021SS Glitch Overlock Stitch Collection

An emerging accessory brand based in Taiwan, nozzle quiz, has released their latest SS collection, “GLITCH” Overlock Stitch sock collection. The overlock stitch was first adopted by nozzle quiz in Post Epidemic, a collaboration collection with visual art platform – NAS (NO ANSWER SITUATION). The “GLITCH” Overlock Stitch sock collection will continue using overlock stitches in seven different colors and offer new sock selections for S/S streetwear.

Inspired by the “GLITCH” of 70s CRT TVs

NAS spearheaded the designs for the Overlock Stitch collection, which was inspired by glitches seen in 70s CRT TVs. By integrating circuit disturbances into the design, pairing it with remanufactured deconstructed apparel and then layering on analog, electronic, and stack design techniques, the collection delivers a modern, contemporary image with an electric vibe.

Integrating Sock Design with Overlock Stitches

Committed to innovation, nozzle quiz continues to introduce new concepts into sock design. The overlock stitch, a theme of the latest SS collection, is a widely-used technique in the apparel industry. For the S/S collection, nozzle quiz has selected a 4-thread overlock stitch that, with the elasticity of the sock, creates a detailed and exquisite relief pattern over the entire sock. The irregular contortions and color palette evokes the static noise of glitch screens while the dual-color combed cotton blend simulates circuit disturbances. When paired with spring and summer sandals, the texture of the sock will be further accentuated. 

The SS collection continues using Skinlife® anti-bacterial silver microparticle fibers and Lycra® elastic fibers to deliver a functional sock solution for leisure wear. The new S/S “Glitch” Overlock Stitch series by nozzle quiz will be available for sale on the official nozzle quiz website on March, 16th. The official website will carry 3 limited release colors.  For more information, head over to the official Instagram account nozzle quiz

Style : Overlock Stitch
Colors : Sewn Black, Army, Sand, Navy
limited Colors: Sewn Lake, Coral, Sulfur
Size  : 23~29cm
Composition : 72%Cotton, 10%Nylon, 8%Skinlife®, 4%Lycra®, 6% Polyester
Made in Taiwan

Creative Director_ Chu Tai Lu
Visual Design_ NAS (no_answer_situatiao)
Model_ XinjuSan
Photographer_Davis C. Photography
Brand Manager_ Po Chun Fan


nozzle quiz|與城市共存

2021 SS Glitch 拷克中筒襪系列,以拷克技法與花紗材料製作 70 年代電視雜訊毛刺般的視覺效果。