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Free shipping on orders over 130 usd (Global)

Terms and Conditions


nozzlequiz offers a three-tiered membership system, providing enhanced privileges to customersbased on their membership level. Please refer to the following text and tablefor details:

1.        Member Login: Before placing an order, please log in as amember to enjoy membership benefits. Member points will be credited to themember's account after the system confirms "order delivery."

2.        If you check "Join Membership" during the ordersubmission stage, the system will send a membership application email to yourdesignated mailbox. You will become a member after completing emailverification. Therefore, this order will not immediately accumulate membershipbenefits.

3.        Member discounts and site-wide discounts cannot be usedconcurrently. When both discounts are available, the system will automaticallyapply the higher discount rate to the order amount.

nozzle quiz reserves the rightto modify membership system rules, discount policies, and interpretations,which will be implemented after being announced.





Entry Threshold

Join upon registration

NT$5,000 in purchases within 12 months

NT$12,000 in purchases within 12 months

Continuation Threshold


NT$3,000 in purchases within 12 months

NT$5,000 in purchases within 12 months

Upgrade Reward

NT$50 credit

NT$300 Credit

NT$500 Credit

Birthday Reward

NT$50 credit

NT$300 Credit

NT$500 Credit



5% off all items, priority access to pre-order products

10% off all items, priority access to pre-order products

Credit Rewards

NT$1,000 spent, receive NT$10 Credit.

NT$500 spent, receive NT$10 Credit.

Point Rewards

1 Point for every NT$2 spent

1 Point for every NT$1 spent

For mobile users unable to viewthe complete table, please rotate your phone for the best browsing experience.

 Credit & Point

By becoming a member and makingpurchases on our official website, you can earn shopping credits and points.The accumulated shopping credits and points can be used to offset a portion ofyour future orders, according to the specified conversion rate. Please refer tothe following explanations:





NT$1 Credit1 NTD

100 Point1 NTD

Discount Limit

30% Limit

 10% Limit

Validity Period

By Purchase: 12 months

Brand Gift: 30 days

By Purchase: Unlimited period

Brand Gift: 30 days

For mobile users unable to viewthe complete table, please rotate your phone for the best browsing experience.
nozzlequiz will offer bonus shopping credits and points events sporadically, aimingto provide an enhanced shopping experience for our members.


nozzle quiz offers globalshipping to deliver our products to consumers. For international orders,shipping fees will be calculated based on the volumetric weight of the items.You can choose from available shipping options based on your region. For serviceareas and estimated delivery times, please refer to the following information:

Taiwan Region
(Main Island)

7-11 Pickup only

Delivery to 7-11 convenience stores with online payment. Estimated delivery time is approximately 2-3 working days after the order is placed.

7-11 payment on Cash

Delivery to 7-11 convenience stores for in-store payment. Estimated delivery time is approximately 2-3 working days after completing the online checkout on our website.

Taiwan Region
(Outlying Islands)

7-11 Pickup only

Delivery to 7-11 convenience stores with online payment. Estimated delivery time is approximately 3-5 working days after the order is placed.

7-11 payment on Cash

Delivery to 7-11 convenience stores for in-store payment. Estimated delivery time is approximately 3-5 working days after completing the online checkout on our website.

CN, HK & MAC Region

SF Express

Home delivery service by SF Express, with an estimated delivery time of approximately 3-5 working days. Specific delivery timeframes can be confirmed through SF Express's delivery time inquiry system.

Singapore & Malaysia


Goodmaji logistics is available for Singapore and Malaysia regions, with an estimated delivery time of approximately 2-5 working days.

Global Shipping

DHL Service

Global shipping provided by DHL, with an estimated delivery time of approximately 5-10 working days. Delivery time and shipping fees may vary depending on the destination. Additional charges may apply for remote areas. After placing the order and confirming the address, we will contact you separately with more details.

(For more detailed information, please refer to DHL's official explanation.)

International Postal Parcel

International Postal Parcel is an international postal Express Mail Service, for documents and merchandise, offered by postal operators of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) connecting 175 countries and territories worldwide, depending on different areas normally arriving in 7~30 working days.

(For more detailed information, please refer to Chunghwa Post's International Postal Parcel Delivery Estimated Time Table.)

For mobile users unable to viewthe complete table, please rotate your phone for the best browsing experience.

Return policy

If youneed to return or exchange goods, please read the following content first toconfirm whether it meets the following conditions, and then contact us:


1.        7-Day Return Policy

1.        The 7-day return policy is in compliance with the ConsumerProtection Act of the Republic of China and applies only to customers whosereceiving addresses are in Taiwan (Republic of China) Customers outside ofTaiwan are not entitled to the 7-day return policy.

2.        Customers within Taiwan (Republic of China) are entitledto our 7-day return policy (upon receipt of the product) when purchasing online.

3.        The products need to be brand new and unused. Customersmust keep them in the original packaging (including tags and packaging, etc.).

4.        Please return items through 7-11. Customer service willprovide necessary information for making the return.

2.        Defective Products

We willreturn or exchange any products given the following scenarios:

1.        Products received are different from the order.

2.        Products are defective or damaged in delivery.

We willnot accept returns or exchanges given the following scenarios:

1.        Products sent abroad.

2.        Products without original packaging or tags.

3.        Returned or exchanged items with powder stains, dirt, orhaving been washed will not be accepted.

4.        Personal products sold with hygiene seals, e.g. Underwearand socks, shall not be returned or exchanged when the seal has been broken.Exceptions will be made only for defective products.

5.        The 7-day return policy has expired.

Return shipping fees

1.        Refunds

When you’verequested a return or refund within seven days, please send the items to theaddress designated by nozzle quiz. Once we’ve received and verified your return,we will issue a refund to your credit card or account. When the refund willenter your account depends on your financial institution's turnaround time.Please confirm with your issuing bank.

Shipping feeswill be deducted from the refund, If you used any discount shopping Credits or Pointfrom order rewards, they will be deducted and retrieved during the refundprocess as well.

2.        Exchange

Forexchange requests within the "7-day Return Policy " and meeting thecriteria of our return and exchange policy, after our customer service confirmsthe receipt of the returned product, we will provide you with a credit cardlink to pay for the shipping fee of the exchanged item.

nozzlequiz will arrange for a designated logistics company to pick up the item fromyou, and the shipping fee will be covered by nozzle quiz. You will not beresponsible for any additional costs.


nozzle quiz (hereinafter referredto as "the website") is committed to protecting your privacy andensuring the security of the services and information provided on the website.This Privacy Policy is in effect immediately to safeguard your rights. Pleaseread the following content carefully:

Scope of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines howthe website handles the personal identifiable information collected during youruse of the website's services. However, it does not apply to other linkedwebsites outside of this website or to individuals not authorized or involvedin the management of this website.

Collection, Processing, andUtilization of Personal Information

When you visit or use thefunctions and services provided by this website, we may request necessarypersonal information based on the nature of the service. We will process anduse your personal information within the scope of the specific purpose; withoutyour written consent, we will not use your personal information for otherpurposes.

When you use interactive featuressuch as service emails or surveys, this website will retain the information youprovide, including your name, email address, contact information, and usagetime.

During general browsing, theserver automatically records relevant behaviors, including your device's IPaddress, usage time, browser used, browsing and click data records, etc. Thisdata is used for internal reference to improve website services and will not bedisclosed to the public.

To provide accurate services, wewill conduct statistical analysis of the collected survey content. Thestatistical data or explanatory text resulting from the analysis may bepublished as needed for internal research purposes, but will not involvespecific individual data.

Data Protection

Only authorized personnel canaccess your personal information. If it is necessary to commission other unitsto provide services for business needs, this website will strictly require themto abide by confidentiality obligations and conduct necessary inspectionprocedures to ensure compliance.

Related External Links

The webpages of this websiteprovide hyperlinks to other websites. You can also click on the links providedby this website to enter other websites. However, the privacy policy of thiswebsite does not apply to those linked websites. You must refer to the privacypolicy of the linked websites.

Policy on Sharing Personal Datawith Third Parties

This website will never provide,exchange, rent, or sell any of your personal information to other individuals,groups, private companies, or government agencies, except when there is a legalbasis or contractual obligation.

The situations covered in theabove paragraph include but are not limited to:

1.       With your written consent.

2.       When required by law.

3.       To prevent risks to your life, body, freedom, orproperty.

4.       Cooperation with government agencies or academic researchinstitutions for statistical or academic research purposes, where the dataprovided has been processed or collected in a way that does not identifyspecific individuals.

5.       When your behavior on the website violates the terms ofservice or may harm or hinder the rights of the website and other users, andthe disclosure of your personal information is necessary for identification,contact, or legal action by the website management unit.

6.       For the benefit of your rights and interests.

When this website commissionsvendors to assist in the collection, processing, or utilization of yourpersonal data, it will properly supervise and manage the outsourced vendors orindividuals.

Use of Cookies

To provide you with the bestservice, this website may place and access our cookies on your computer. If youdo not wish to accept the writing of cookies, you can set the privacy level tohigh in your browser settings to reject the writing of cookies, but this mayresult in some functions of the website not working properly.

Amendments to Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of thiswebsite may be revised at any time to meet the needs. The revised terms will bepublished on the website.

Access and Deletion of Data

Members can view authorized nameand email data in their account on the website, which is used solely for storemembership and order information.

Upon request, the store maydelete or cease the use of personal data by contacting us through the channelat the upper right corner of the website.

Corporate Public Information

Company Namenozzle quiz Design Co.,LTD.
Invoice number
AddressNo. 372, Jiaxing St., Daan Dist., Taipei City 106035, Taiwan (R.O.C.)