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2021 Summer "NEVERLAND" Layers Tie-dye Collection 

The new lineup will introduce three new sets of palettes for the Layers Collection and will focus on dark, heavy colors befitting of the "NEVERLAND" concept. 

While “NEVERLAND” is deceptively dreamlike, nozzle quiz believes that, beyond the surface, it speaks of humanity's desire of returning to a more hopeful land after being plunged into a decaying environment and corrupt systems. The NEVERLAND concept corresponds with existing circumstances, where the world is ravaged by pandemics and humanity longs for its more glorious past.

As such, nozzle quiz has opted for dark, heavy elements such as black, brown, and navy blue to imbue the colorful socks with a sense of gravity. In contrast with the bright tie-dye socks of the past, the NEVERLAND socks, from concept to color, will be surrounded by a suffocating doom that nozzle quiz finds befitting of the theme.

In terms of technique, nozzle quiz collaborated with manual tie-dye factories for the tie-dye designs and opted for the twice-dye and topping technique. Colors are layered to deliver a messy, chaotic print that beautifully interprets the "NEVERLAND" concept. The "NEVERLAND" socks stay true to the Layers Collection's loose fit and retain the slouchy look for a more casual, relaxed style. As for materials, nozzle quiz continues to use high-quality patented materials such as the patented antimicrobial silver fiber yarn from Skinlife® and patented Elastane from Lycra® to offer functional sock wear that is critical for urban living. 

Products Information

Style: Layers lite
Colors: Black, Navy, Blue
Sizes  : Free 23~29cm
Composition : 73% Cotton, 18% Nylon, 6%Skinlife®, 3%Lycra®
Price: NT.460

Made In Taiwan


Creative Director_ Chu Tai Lu
Visual Design_ Ann Chen
Photographer_ Sih Wei Chen
Brand Manager_ Po Chun Fan


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nozzle quiz|與城市共存

2021 SS NEVERLAND 渲染系列,以多色渲染技法手工製造三款襪子,將夢幻主題以晦暗色彩表現。