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Membership Policy

  1. How to become a member?
    Click LOG IN to become membership via FACEBOOK, LINE, or E-mail.

  2. What are the benefits to become a member?

    a. Get 50pt store credit as soon as you logged in.
    b. Enjoy membership exclusive event.
    c. Get 300pt store credit on birthday ( 30 days only ).
    d. If you purchase over NT.3000 on accumulate amount of expense, you have automatically upgraded to VIP membership which gets 10% on all items*.

  3. How to accumulate your expense?
    Purchase items after you logged in, and the system will automatically accumulate.

  4. VIP membership is a lifetime membership.


*When another discount event is happening, the system will choose a higher discount automatically.

** nozzle quiz has the right to adjust membership policy after announcing.

Store credits

What’s store credit?

  1. All members can use and get store credit.
  2. Easy to use environment.
  3. Unlimited discount on every order.
  4. 1pt equals to NT. 1 dollor.
  5. nozzle quiz will hold special credit events occasionally.

How to get store credit?

  1. Get 50pt store credit as soon as you logged in.
  2. Get 300pt store credit on birthday (30 days only).
  3. Get 2% credit back of your order when purchasing over NT.1000. For example,
    • One order of NT. 350 → does not reach the condition.
    • One order of NT. 1000 → and get 20pt.
    • One order of NT. 10000 → and get 200pt.