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Layers Lite Tiedye

For Layers Tiedye, our new summer holiday collection, we will be choosing tie-dye techniques to deliver the summer rendition, Lite, of our Layers collection. The collection will come in 4 different tie-dye options and 1 in white, applying traditional craftsmanship onto functional socks and apparel.

Tiedye Collection - Tie-dye by Hand

Staying true to the Colors of Taiwan theme found in the previous Layers collection, we will emphasize Taiwanese craftsmanship during this launch by working with the only handmade tie-dye factory in Taiwan. Each pair of socks is handmade by tie-dye artisans, thus delivering different patterns and colors and showcasing the unique warmth of traditional crafts. Textural designs correspond with the socks' casual cuff look and so we are collaborating with tie-dye artisans to create a distinct fractured bubble texture for the Tiedye collection. The collection’s main color schemes will focus on indigo dyes and derivative colors perfect for the summer, yellow and green. Tiedye will also feature stronger colors such as a black and white to offer a total of 5 different holiday colors for the summer.

Layers Now Available in Lite

Adjustments have been made to the thick, multi-layered, and loose-fitting design of the Layer collection to deliver a Lite rendition that is more appropriate for our subtropical Taiwan. For the Lite version, nozzle quiz will be adopting a lightweight thin-knit technique to maintain the collection's loose-fitting, casual-cuff style. The Lite version will continue to use functional yarns such as Skinlife®, Lycra®, etc. that are found in previous collections to offer functional options.




Style : Layers lite
Color : White, Dye Black,Dye Blue, Dye Yellow, Dye Green
Size  : 22~28cm
Composition : 73%Cotton, 18%Nylon, 6%Skinlife®, 3%Lycra®
Made in Taiwan

※The Layers collection is hand-dyed, please wash separately in cold water. Minor color fading after washing is normal.

Creative Director_ Chu Tai Lu
Photographor_Davis Chung
Model_ Jacky Chen
Brand Manager_ Po Chun Fan
Special thanks_ TRAN泉NIKE Taiwan

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以紮染技法製作夏季多彩,保留原有的 Loose fit 風格並改為夏季輕薄款。