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2020 Spring / Summer

The 2020 SS collection will be deconstructing and then reconstructing animal prints from species unique to Taiwan. Patterns found on Leopard Cats, the Hundred Pacer, and Mikado Pheasants, etc. will be incorporated into our sock designs for a more organic look, offering drastically different prints from the stoic geometric styles of previous collections.

In terms of texture, we will be adding an intimate touch through nozzle quiz's signature knitting techniques, emphasizing the fact that prints from species unique to Taiwan can also be integrated into daily outfits.



The color schemes of the LANDING collection are its undeniable focus as we adopt colors made for the streets.

White socks ideal for daily outfits will also be part of the collection's offering, and our brown and orange options will also be able to fit seamlessly into your everyday ensemble. The black socks offered in the LANDING collection will be in carbon black instead of a dense black background, but will also be fitted with understated blue and grey prints that will certainly be welcomed by those with an appreciation for all-black outfits.

Other statement pieces in this launch will be solid color styles that have been rarely seen in the LANDING collection. Ochre ice, blue ice, and pink fog are three trending colors that separates themselves from generic black and white styles that, while unusual, can be integrated into military-inspired attire, workwear-inspired ensembles, Japanese styles, and casual American or European outfits to offer even more possibilities.

The team at nozzle quiz consistently strives for ways to offer a richer sock selection. In addition to colors, styles, and shapes, our sock selection continues to stay true to our brands commitment to quality. You will only find comfortable combed cotton of the highest-quality in our socks as we continue to adopt functional elastic yarn from LYCRA® and antibacterial yarn made with silver microparticles from Meryl® Skinlife in creating the most unique accessories for our customers. Our mission is to "Make you exceptional" and our products consistently speaks to that commitment as we seek out the optimal functional sock solutions for Asians.





nozzle quiz|與城市共存
LANDING WILD 以 "台灣特有種" 為主題,圖樣來自石虎、帝雉、百步蛇。