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New Color Scheme “City & Neon” Joins nozzle quiz’s 2021S LANDING

nozzle quiz is releasing new color designs under its LANDING collection. Continuing the 2021 S/S trend, the new color designs, themed “City & Neon”, blend the gray shades of cities with eye-catching neon colors on the streets to accentuate the vivaciousness of summer, creating refreshing looks for matching socks and footwear.

Low-key vs. Bold 

“City & Neon” comes in two color schemes that satisfy styling preferences of all groups. “City” pairs calming gray with preppy green and sapphire blue, delivering a balanced color match and a personal touch that’s hidden in the socks.

Neon, unlike City, is oriented around contrasting and bold color match, perfect for those that use socks to add highlighted details to their composed look. In addition, Neon is also perfect for high color saturation lovers that wish to add layers to their outfit. As the two schemes attracts different preference groups, low-saturation and high-saturation lovers alike are able to find their perfect match among the six new color designs.

Functionality Upgrade for A More Delicate Experience

As multiple releases of the LANDING collection take place, consumer suggestions and feedback have accumulated. We took them as modification reference to the design of our socks to improve consumers’ wearing experience. The latest design adopts leading yarn spun technology, where the patented yarn spun technique reduces the chance of fibre shedding. This knitting technique allows for less hairiness, and more luster, strength, endurability, and anti-pilling in the socks to deliver exceptional levels of comfort.

Moreover, the new design caters better to Asian men’s sock size in that our sock size now includes men’s US 12 to provide enhance comfort. The SS collection continues using Skinlife® anti-bacterial silver microparticle fibers and Lycra® elastic fibers to deliver a functional sock solution for leisure wear.

Summer Starts

The “City & Neon” series from LANDING provide solutions for streetwear lovers looking for socks to match their sneakers. The series will be available for sale on the official nozzle quiz website on April, 27th, where first batch of Neon is exclusively sold. The full series will hit store shelves worldwide starting April, 30th.  For more information, head over to the official Instagram account nozzle quiz.

Colors :City Blue, Green, Gray; Neon Pink, Orange, Blue
Size :23-29 cm
Composition:48% Combed Cotton、41% Nylon、7%Skinlife® 、4% Lycra®  ( each style is slightly different.0
Made in Taiwan
Price: NT. 350( #3 pairs for free shipping during the event between April 27th  to May 9th )


Neon Pack is exclusive to official website

Special thanks to NIKE Sportswear & Habit Select

nozzle quiz|與城市共存

2021 SS 品牌的定番襪款 LANDING 推出 City & Neon 系列,將霓虹色系與城市灰色調融入造型搭配之中。