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nozzle quiz x HANCHOR - Forest trail

The Forest Trail collection focuses on Taiwan's prolific hiking culture and beautiful mountains: the rolling mountains, forest trails, and the maps that guides us on our journey transform into memories that are then imprinted onto a hiker's soul. The concept is personified through contour maps and vivid mountain ranges. Two of Taiwan's most popular mountains for hikers, Mount Sylvia and Mount Jade, are specifically represented in the collection. For the hiker's Forest Trail collection, we've chosen 4 different colors, Peak Black, Gorge Blue, Hill Grey, and Glen Green. The colors will be mixed and matched to deliver products that can fit seamlessly into any hiking ensemble. The visuals revolve around the Forest Trail theme where one can imagine themselves waking up, putting on their backpack, and beginning their walk in a forest path covered in ivies and ferns, immersing themselves into distinct humid scent found only in the early hours of a native forest.

Forest Trail - The Sock Solution for Hikers in Subtropical Climates

We have conducted various on-site tests with HANCHOR, who is familiar with hikers' needs and have listed requirements on functionality that we, as a sock solution provider, have resolved to fulfill in our proposed solutions.
We will be targeting humid, subtropical climates outside of Europe and the States, focusing on delivering dry comfort and regulating temperatures. Merino Wool® was therefore selected because it can remove moisture, offer ventilation, and regulate body temperatures to ensure that your feet stays dry and comfortable in any weather. The Forest Trail collection will continue to feature Skinlife®, Lycra®, and other functional materials commonly used here at nozzle quiz for antibacterial properties, odor control, and full coverage. The fit is also carefully designed to be equipped with a co-developed decompressing structure for the soles of your foot that can help relieve stress from long hikes that could last up to 15 kilometers each day. We provide optimal solutions for hikers to help you achieve your peak performance with ease.

Merino wool®

Made in Australia and processed with the Superwash Treatment method to prevent shrinkage and to strip the wool of its scaly surface for a gentler touch. We also pursue a softer textile in twist levels and production to prevent blisters over the course of a long like.
Merino Wool can transport large quantities of perspiration and odorants away from the surface of the textile until washed, keeping the wearer dry as it suppresses odor. Merino Wool also helps regulate body temperature, keeping the wearer warm and preventing the loss of heat from your feet but also maintaining cool and comfortable temperatures in warmer weathers.


Creative Director_ Chu Tai Lu
Visual Designer_ Chu Tai Lu / Po Chun Fan
Photographor_Davis Chung
Set Plantation_The Flower Company
Cloth_HABIT Select

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