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About nozzle quiz®

Coexisting with Cities

By building upon the designs of functional accessories with a dash of Taiwanese culture, nozzle quiz takes urban, environmental, and climate factors into consideration when ideating practical apparel and accessories with biomorphic characteristics. The objective is to deliver comfortable, compatible, portable, and multi-purpose functional designs so that wearers can thrive in life and coexist with their cities. Apparel by nozzle quiz exemplifies the nature of the brand: Functional accessory with flexible design and the understated, simple styles can be easily adopted into daily outfits.

Biomorphic—— Derived from the Greek words “bios”(life) and “morphe” (shape), the term biomorphic refers to images or silhouettes similar to the bodies, lives, and organ shapes of various lifeforms.

nozzle quiz | Coexisting with Cities - Making functional apparel and accessories for the modern human to easily adapt to urban life – incorporate biomorphic designs to defend against various climates & environments.