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Essential "AKA"

2023 Spring/Summer Sock Collection




Essential series socks 2023 summer limited project "AKA". AKA, taken from the Japanese word "赤い" which means "red," is a passionate color. It is vastly different from AO, "青い" which was released at the beginning of the season and has a refreshing and elegant atmosphere. It is suitable for players who enjoy high saturation color schemes.




In Japanese ACG culture, there is a widely circulated saying "#自古紅藍出CP". This refers to when a character's appearance features a red and blue color scheme, they are typically associated with each other. These two series also have a relationship like this, and they are considered a CP.



“I rarely wear socks of this color, but when I wear dark-colored clothes, matching colors in the details becomes a very interesting thing. If you usually wear dark or monochrome clothes, I also highly recommend that you can try to challenge yourself.”


The collection of enjoyment.

To enjoy having fun with peers, to enjoy life.

Color AKA gives a sense of vitality.