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nozzle quiz 2021 Spring/Summer WK.P-02 Accessories Collection "Flexible Armor"

The innovative Taiwanese accessories label - nozzle quiz - owns an independent accessories sublabel in the name of delivering streetwear socks. The sublabel previously released its first collection "THE ECHO" and is now releasing editorials for the second accessories collection: "Flexible Armor". The latest collection is grounded in convenience and comfort while also striving for environmental resilience. Various accessories are manufactured with customized fabrics and patented materials to deliver functional accessories to the modern urbanite. 

Flexible Armor: Redefining the Relationship between Human & City 

The modern urbanite resides in convenient cities but is never truly free from environmental challenges. Climate is one of the first and foremost challenges to tackle; whether it be the glaring sun, howling winds, rain, or air pollution, people must consider how to assemble their outfits to prepare them for the weather challenges of the day. The concept for "Flexible Armor" is a winding air duct that extends infinitely, a metaphor for the inextricable link and complex relationship between cities and humans. Functional accessories available in the collection, such as bucket hats, arm gaiters, five-panel caps, belts, and functional socks are scattered into the concept image to redefine the relationships between the city and the urbanite who is capable of tackling the harsh environments to coexist with the city.

Designs of Convenience Using Functional Materials 

Accessories in the "Flexible Armor" collection deliver sun protection, rain protection, and breathability. The convertible and stowable functional designs utilize nylon materials, jointly developed with a Taiwanese functional fabric manufacturer, that is lightweight, tear resistant, water repellent, water permeability resistance, and has ventilation holes. The nylon material undergoes an additional creasing process for a metallic sheen. 

For the collection, nozzle quiz also collaborated with the R&D department of Chemtax Far East Industrial to create a pseudo-scale armor knitted belt using CORDURA® yarn, known for its resistance, and FIDLOCK® magnetic fasteners for maximum convenience. To deliver a full collection of functional accessories, socks are made from COOLMAX® yarn for ultra-cooling and functional yarns such as Skinlife® and Lycra® which can be found in previous collections as well.

The WK.P-02 accessories collection, "Flexible Armor", delivers the functionality required for living in a modern city, redefines the relationship between man and city/environment, and offers a new way to think about accessories. "Flexible Armor" will be available on the nozzle quiz website on June 15th and at global retail sites starting from June 18th. For more information, please visit the official nozzle quiz Instagram. 


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