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𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟯 𝙓𝙢𝙖𝙨 𝙀𝙫𝙚𝙣𝙩 < Identity Check >


「Welcome to the nozzle quiz Identity Check Office. We have been assigned  by City Department of Personnel for this year's identity check.

We will now begin the process of personal biometric verification. Please present your identity card for verification and complete the basic information form. We will verify and update your identity based on your unit service records.」







Every year, at the end of the year, nozzle quiz undertakes the 'Identity Verification Project' for all citizens.

Through the year's work results, we carry out rank adjustments, update ID Cards, and review the presence of infiltrators to ensure that the rights of the citizens in their daily lives and work are not compromised or infringed upon.



【 Supply Pack


During the Identity Check event, nozzle quiz offers a limited edition Christmas gift box.

This gift box is designed based on the concept of the ''Supply Pack'', provided to city residents before the start of their research missions.

Each Supply Pack contains a Christmas Box and an ID Card Case.


【 Identity Check Christmas Gift Set 


You can choose from 3 Christmas gift sets with different prices : "MINI," "PRO," and "MAX."
These sets are available in four distinct styles : "NAKED & SOFT," "WONDERLAND", "BLENDING PALETTE", and "MYSTERIOUS BLACK".
Please note that these gift sets are exclusively available on our official website and are limited edition. Each "Identity Check Christmas Gift Set" contains the corresponding product, along with a complimentary "Supply Pack."



【 ID Card 


Along with the Christmas Gift Sets, we are also offering eight job title identification cards randomly distributed. Different job titles grant access to corresponding membership privileges on the Nozzle Quiz website.

【 ID Card Case 


To enhance the protection of the ID Card, nozzle quiz has developed a dedicated ID Card Case. In addition to holding the ID Card, it can also accommodate your daily transportation cards, like "Easy Card" or "iPass".


【 Event info 】


From 11/30 (Thu) 14:00 to 12/26 (Tue) 17:00.


✣ Supply Pack on Minimum Purchase


During the event period, for every purchase of $800 NTD or more, you will receive an exclusive "Supply Pack" Christmas packaging box. Limited to one set per order.


✣ ID CARD on Minimum Purchase


Spend $_500 NTD : ID CARD * 1

Spend $1000 NTD : ID CARD * 2
Spend $1500 NTD : ID CARD * 3
Spend $2000 NTD : ID CARD * 4

※ Maximum of 4 ID CARDs per order.


In addition to the citizen card, each ID CARD contains one login voucher, which may unlock a higher-level nozzle quiz membership level and receive up to $150 in shopping credits.

(You can refer to nozzle quiz's membership system at this Link


✣ Identity Check Christmas Gift Set


There are four styles to choose from, each with three different prices.






Each "Identity Check Christmas Gift Set" comes with a "Supply Pack".

The checkout amount for the Christmas Gift Set counts towards the "ID CARD on Minimum Purchase" promotion but does not participate in the "Supply Pack on Minimum Purchase" promotion.


✣ Additional Purchase


"Supply Pack" Christmas Packaging Box - $120

"ID CARD" Identity Check Card - $80

※ Limit one item per order


✣ Free Shipping on Minimum Purchase


Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau: $1500
China: $3000
Global Shipping (International Parcel): $4000

※ All items from this event are non-returnable and non-refundable.

※ Due to shipping costs and volume considerations, if your package size is too large, we will need to disassemble your "Supply Pack" before shipping. You will need to assemble this Christmas gift set yourself.



Pick up your Xmas gift!


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