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2020 Summer - THE ECHO WK.P-01


The concept behind THE ECHO collection is flexible functionality, a belief that functionality is part of our daily lives and should therefore be imbued within each and every minute detail. With necessary functionality offered in daily scenarios, the generally harsh and structured shapes of flexible functionality products allow the unique styles found in THE ECHO collection to be easily integrated into any daily ensembles. As such, the collection will be employing rounded corners to prevent the products from looking too stoic or defined. To fulfill daily functionality requirements, we will be equipping the products with multi-pocket designs, 3D pockets, detachable accessories, and durable mesh fabrics. The visual theme is Whispering Music, painting a picture of a musical spaceship guiding us as we roam freely along the mountains and oceans towards a land where sorrow cannot be found.

THE ECHO Collection & Product Intros

THE ECHO collection will offer 2 sock styles, 2 hat styles, and 3 bag styles. The bags and hats will be produced with two different customized and structured mesh fabrics that are durable, permeable, quick-drying, and wrinkle-resistant. The functional buckles offer accessibility and different ways to wear it. For maximum capacity, our bags, which comes in small sacoche, large sacoche, and cross bag sizes, are equipped with a 3D structure, rounded corners, and multi-pocket design.

The designs for the socks are inspired by the silhouettes of rocks and tidal waves. The expansive pattern encircles the ankle in a rhythmic cycle through our unique 3D knitting technique. For materials, we've selected COOLMAX® which offers a special sheen but also comes with cooling, quick-drying, and comfortable properties, meeting functionality demands and delivering an optimal experience.

Hats that will be launched in tandem are bomber hats fitted from five-panel caps for a particularly structured look. The eyelets in the mesh fabric will allow for better circulation to ensure a dry sensation. Our many different hat styles will be able to accommodate a variety of outfits. The baseball cap will be made from a single mesh fabric for a simple and classic look.

*Please note that Coolmax® fibers are prone to pilling at areas that come in frequent contact with the inside of the shoe (heel, toes, and tongue).

Creative Director_ Chu Tai Lu
Visual Designer_ Sanxinju
Photographor_Yu Lun Lin 
Brand Manager_ Po Chun Fan
Model_ Kevin

nozzle quiz|與城市共存

THE ECHO 系列,以軟性機能為訴求,推出包包、帽子、襪子等完整配件。