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20AW “The Martian” Layers Dip dye socks

An up-and-coming brand in Taiwan, nozzle quiz has released Layers Dip Dye Series “The Martian” for its fall and winter collection. Continuing along the same vein as the Tie Dye series from their Spring and Summer collection, nozzle quiz has incorporated dip-dyeing techniques to create three new color designs. This aligns with the intention of the brand to establish Layers as a series that combines Taiwanese craftsmanship with functionality

Inspired by The Martian

The new dip dye series was inspired by the movie of the same name The Martian and draws upon the movie’s palette and images. It evokes the image of Mars a few years later, with sparse populations of relocated humans. They clad themselves with ragged but functional garb, imbued with the color of their surroundings, to explore the cosmos. The black blue of the cosmos, the terracotta of the landscape, and the fiery orange of particles floating in the air provide protective coloring for their clothing – giving rise to the three new color designs.

Layers Continues to Make Craftsmanship Wearable – Dip Dye Technique 

The Layers series focuses on the effects created by different techniques, and continues to employ Taiwanese craftsmanship in the making of socks. After the release of the Tie Dye series, the latest series is dip-dyed by hand to create three ombre designs, showcasing a gradation of hues that cannot be replicated by other means. Each pair is uniquely hand-crafted, with minute differences that mark the work of the craftsman. Functional fibers such as Skinlife®’s patented Antibacterial Silver Microparticles and Lycra®’s patented Elastic Fibers were again knitted into this series, providing greater versatility for socks. 

The new F/W Layers Dip Dye series “The Martian” by nozzle quiz will be available for sale on the official nozzle quiz website on December, 8th. For more information, head over to the official Instagram account nozzle quiz. 

Creative Director_ Chu Tai Lu
Photographer_ Davis Chung
Model_ Po Chun Fan
Assistant_ Li Li An
Brand Manager_ Po Chun Fan

Copyright© nozzle quiz® All Rights Reserved.


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