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Free shipping on orders over 130 usd (Global)

Return Policy

Shopping Guidelines

Refunds and Exchanges

1.    7-Day ReturnPolicy

1.      The 7-day return policy is in compliance with theConsumer Protection Act of the Republic of China and applies only to customerswhose receiving addresses are in Taiwan (Republic of China). Customers outsideof Taiwan are not entitled to the 7-day return policy.

2.      Customers within Taiwan (Republic of China) are entitledto our 7-day return policy (upon receipt of the product) when purchasingonline.

3.      The products need to be brand new and unused. Customersmust keep them in the original packaging (including tags and packaging, etc.).

4.      Please return items through 7-11. Customer service willprovide necessary information for making the return.

2.   Defective Products
We will return or exchange any products given the following scenarios:

1.      Products received are different from the order.

2.      Products are defective or damaged in delivery.

3.   We will not accept returns or exchanges given thefollowing scenarios:

1.      The 7-day return policy has expired.

2.      Personal products sold with hygiene seals, e.g.,underwear and socks, shall not be returned or exchanged when the seal has beenbroken. Exceptions will be made only for defective products.

3.      Any product that has been used, damaged or washed.

4.      Products without original packaging or tags

5.      Products sent abroad.

Shipping Fees

1.   Refunds

When you’verequested a return or refund within seven days, please send the items to theaddress designated by nozzle quiz. Once we’ve received and verified yourreturn, we will issue a refund to your credit card or account. When the refundwill enter your account depends on your financial institution's turnaroundtime. Please confirm with your issuing bank.

Shipping feeswill be deducted from the refund.


Order amount:NTD 1,340; shipping fee: NTD 63; total amount NTD 1,403.

 The refund will be NTD 1,403-63 = NTD1,340.

2.   Exchanges

You canrequest for exchanges within seven days. Once we’ve received your returneditems, we will send a payment link for the new product’s shipping fees.

3.   Refund Defective Products

Our logisticspartner will collect the products from you and we will be responsible for anyshipping costs.

Contac Us

Feel free tocontact us during our office hours.

·        Email: info@nozzle-quiz.com

·        Contact number: +886 2 27328477 (Time: Monday to Friday14:00-19:00)

·        Message us via Instagram or Facebook

We will contact you ASAP.

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